When the first cold weather arrives (sometime in early Fall in the prairies) many people panic and quickly try to order new windows to replace those old, tired, leaking windows before the real Winter shows up. Many people think that windows should not be installed in the middle of the cold weather months.  Are their concerns valid or not?

Should I have new windows installed in the Winter

When windows are installed in the winter, will the windows expand during the summer months causing the sealed units to fail or even break? Or make them difficult to operate?   No, PVC (vinyl) or wood has a very low coefficient of expansion (COF) so thermal expansion is not an issue.  All Weather Windows manufacture their windows with the sealed units installed within their PVC or wood frames with enough room for any expansion without causing any breakage issues.

  1. Will the exterior caulking set up properly?  Yes, when the right product is used.  WinDoor uses Supra Expert thermoplastic rubber caulking with an elasticity rating of 1,400% and remains flexible up to -40 C.   This type of caulking is air cured, not temperature cured.
  1. Will my house get cold during the installation? With WinDoor Installations, the time between taking your old window or door out and replacing it with the new unit averages around 10 minutes (15 to 30 minutes for larger units). The amount of heat loss during these times may amount to a few dollars per replacement.

With the cost of energy ever increasing, the replacement of your old “energy deficient” windows and/or doors with new “energy efficient” ones will result in energy cost savings.  Why not keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket and not in the utility company’s pocket.  Have WinDoor Installations check the condition of your windows and doors for an honest assessment whether replacement or repair is your best option.