Door EntryThink of your home as a box. The separate components should work together to protect you and your family from the elements, like wind and rain. The doors and windows are of particular importance; they must be designed and installed properly. Doors and windows also contribute to energy efficiency. The exchange of air from outside the house and the air from inside can have a significant effect on heating and cooling fixtures. Doors and especially windows also contribute to how much light gets inside the home. It is important to understand energy performance ratings when choosing doors and windows. As with any of the components of your house, doors and windows need maintenance from time to time. Windows Window Horizontal SlidingWindows come in a variety of frames and types of glaze. Depending on the climate, homeowners can customize the frame and type of glaze that will be used in their homes. Window treatments also help to reduce cold during the winter and heat during the summer. Doors Like windows, it is also important to consider the energy performance rating when choosing doors for your home. Other factors like climate and house design should be considered when choosing doors. Whether you need a new door or a replacement for a small window, WinDoor Installations can help make the best decision for you. For a free, detailed quotation and professional evaluation, call (403) 318-1760.