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Condensation Tips

Sources of Humidity Action Required
Daily Activity
Cooking Run kitchen exhaust fan; cover cooking pots to reduce steam
Laundry Make sure appliances are properly vented to the outside; use clothes dryer instead of hanging wet clothes indoors; use exhaust fans
Bathing Run bathroom exhaust fan; take shorter showers
Household Area
Window Coverings Open drapes, curtains, and shades; remove inside screens
Air Circulation Don't cover or deflect warm air registers; don't close off rooms; open windows slightly to let in cool, dry air
Moisture-producing areas Close doors and windows to greenhouse areas, hot tub, or pools
Attic & Crawl Space Check for proper ventilation; Use vapor barrier in crawl spaces
Humidifier Turn humidifier down or off; Use a dehumidifier
Exhaust Fans Make sure exhaust fans vent directly outside, not to attic or crawl space
Furnace Make sure your furnace is in proper working order and serviced regularly; operate furnace fan; Consult with your heating and cooling professional to see if you need to install a fresh air intake or an air-to-air heat exchanger.
Fire Wood Store fire wood outside or in the garage
Chimneys Make sure chimneys are free and clear
Plants Reduce number of house plants; cover large fish tanks

Humidity Guidelines
Indoor Temperature 21° C

Air Temperature
Inside Relative
-30° C or cooler 15% Max
-30° C 20% Max
-23° C 25% Max
-18° C 30% Max
-12° C 35% Max
-7° C 40% Max
Source - Window & Door Manufacturers Association
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